Mercury fans upset at Heart

A group of listeners are attempting to bring back Radio Mercury, after it was replaced by the output of Heart Sussex on Monday morning.

Facebook has hundreds of comments from angry listeners, who have noticed the lack of local news and information on the Global Radio service.

A special [link=]page[/link] has been site up, and Garry Wilson's Breakfast profile contains comments such as "I can't believe that I heard traffic reports for Kent, and 'local' news for Eastbourne this morning. If I wanted to know the local news of Eastbourne, I would go live there! Why o why did global radio have to go fix something that wasn't broken" and "I don't want to hear about Eastbourne, Hailsham and Brighton."

Ironically, some of the comments say they are switching to Capital FM instead – another station owned by Global Radio. The loyal fans are now looking at bringing back Mercury FM as a community radio station.

Other comments include: "Why on earth fix something that ain't broke??" and "Heart! what a load of c**p! Sorry, but you have just lost a family of Mercury listeners!"

Meanwhile, here's a video from when the station launched:


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