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No bids made for GMG Radio

It turns out GMG has not received any bids for its radio division, despite a newspaper report on Sunday suggesting otherwise.

The Sunday Telegraph story, which was also highlighted at RadioToday.co.uk, said UTV Radio and Orion Media both made offers for the Real, Smooth and Rock Radio stations.

But now RadioToday.co.uk can confirm, in an email from chief executive Phil Riley, that Orion Media has not made any offer for the group.

He said:"It’s completely utterly wrong and absolutely not true. I speak to every person in radio every week, but I have not tabled an offer to GMG. That is categorically not true."

[link=http://www.mediaweek.co.uk/news/1018341/Orion-Media-UTV-not-bid-GMG-Radio/]Media Week[/link] also reports that UTV has not made a formal offer for the group, but would be interested in knowing if the assets were available.

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