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Noel Edmonds returns to radio

Noel Edmonds made a brief return to radio last week, joining the 106 JACK FM breakfast show in Bristol on Friday morning.

The former Radio 1 presenter lives locally and spent the show with normal hosts Downsy, Richard and Jess – offering very complimentary feedback.

With nothing to plug or sell, he told the team that he just likes what he hears and is “a very happy listener.”

Noel said: "I love Jack because you have a real connection with the audience, and there's too much low grade radio in this country which doesn't actually give people what they want, radio that just goes on and on pleasing itself. I get a real feel listening to you that you care about the listeners and that's why I wanted to come in and be a part of this."

The show continued with Noel talking to JACK about his previous work, his live living in the area, plus details of his latest work with Endemol on Deal or No Deal.

Highlights and pictures are available at the JACK FM [link=http://www.jackbristol.com]website[/link].

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