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Ofcom’s multiplex renewal plan

Ofcom is proposing to change the way it handles multiplex renewals.

The plans include not charging the owners of Digital One a percentage of multiplex revenue, and instead charging for the spectrum occupied by digital terrestrial radio.

Ofcom is proposing not to require any licensee to expand coverage to currently unserved areas, except where any such expansion has already been announced by the licensee, or was part of its original application for the licence but has not yet been implemented.

It is however, proposing to require licensees to submit a supplementary technical plan which sets out their existing coverage as measured by a new set of field strength levels provisionally agreed by key DAB stakeholders, and to then include a condition in the licences to ensure the continued provision of this level of coverage during the renewed licence period.

If Digital One's licence is renewed, it will also have the requirement to promote the take-up of DAB receiving equipment removed, if the proposal gets the green light.

More details and how to respond can be found [link=http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/radiomux/]here[/link].

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