Strap-line battle hits Cornwall

Two radio stations are operating with an identical strap-line in the South West of England, just weeks after a similar situation in Manchester.

Now, Atlantic FM and Pirate FM are both claiming to be the "original more music station"

It's not known at this stage which station started using the slogan first – but Atlantic FM's managing director Jeremy Scott told "If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we do seem to get more than our fair share of flattery from rival stations."

And whilst Pirate FM has certainly been around longer, this particular strap-line could have different meanings; either the first station to air, or the first station to play more music.

William Rogers, chief executive of Pirate FM's owner UKRD told us: "The strap lines are certainly similar but appear not to be identical and clearly they represent the keenness of both stations to represent a music position in the market place. I hear strap lines all the time as a travel around the country and I’ve yet to hear a new one or one which hasn’t been used by someone else. Pirate is Cornwall’s first and original more music station and the strap line simply highlights that fact."

Pirate FM is running with "The Original More Music Station" whilst Atlantic FM is using "The South West's Original More Music Station"


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