McFly’s coffee damages studio

Real Radio Scotland claim Danny Jones of McFly has caused £10K of damage to a studio.

The band were visiting to promote their new single 'Party Girl' when a drink was knocked over into a mixing desk. Mid-morning presenter Paul Harper allowed Danny to have a drink during the recording, despite a no-liquid in studios rule at the station.

Paul said" "I couldn't believe it when the coffee fell into the desk, Danny started shouting to the other guys, 'Someone get your T-shirt off and mop it!' He also broke his 3GS iPhone in the commotion. Poor Danny was very apologetic and I'm sure he felt pretty bad about what happened."

Harper posted a video of the aftermath on YouTube. In the clip, Tom Fletcher jokes that Jones is "notorious" for spilling his drinks.

Real Radio Scotland claim the damage to their studio and Clyde Eclipse desk is to the value of £10,000.

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