VW developing Hybrid Radio

Volkswagen has joined forces with Hit-Radio Antenne Niedersachsen to develop a radio for the future.

Called the Hybrid Radio, Volkswagen say users can create a customised playlist using an internet interface, which can include anything from music to news bulletins – then send it to the machine via mobile internet.

Emphasis will be placed on simple, user-friendly navigation of the playlist, with content available at the push of a button. There will also be a list of various programmes to listen to through the device and full ability to listen to existing live radio.

Martin Weiser, Director of Volkswagen Driver Information Systems said: “Hybrid Radio is bound to be a success, as it fulfils the listener demands of tomorrow by combining the classic car radio with the internet."

The manufacturer say the car is one of the most important locations to listen to the radio, so this concept is important for Volkswagen.

The first field tests will be conducted in Germany as soon as early 2011, in partnership with German radio station Hit Radio Antenne Niedersachsen. With the added ability to take content through mobile internet, it brings the possibility of in-car internet radio a step closer.

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