BBC Radio 1 plays FU uncensored

BBC Radio 1 has escaped any complaints after broadcasting the full unedited version of Cee-Lo Green's new song explicit song, FU.

The song was played in full during Nick Grimshaw's 10pm – 12am show, preceded by a warning from the presenter about the upcoming bad language.

The song, which has become [link=]an internet hit[/link] on YouTube, is called F**K You, and regularly sings the other swear words throughout the four minutes duration.

The radio friendly version, called FU, or Forget You, is now trending on most networks, and has been placed on Radio 1's B List. It is also currently Scott Mills' Record Of The Week. A [link=]search[/link] on says the track is on rotation at Xfm, 1 Xtra, 6 Music and Glide FM.

A spokesperson for BBC Radio 1 told "The track was intentionally played out in full and unedited. It had appropriate warnings beforehand, and it was in line with audience expectations for that time of night.

"I can confirm that there have been no complaints."

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