Kennedy: I was never drunk on air

Former Radio 2 early breakfast presenter Sarah Kennedy has hit back at rumours she did her show while drunk.

Sarah's departure from the station was announced earlier this month.

She told the [link=]Daily Telegraph[/link]:"I have never, never, never in my life gone into the BBC other than being stone cold sober. It wouldn’t even occur to me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart." She was speaking out after an article in the paper claiming two senior BBC sources had said she was forced out of Radio 2.

Sarah tells the Telegraph: "I would give my two feet to know who’s got it in for me at the BBC. Is it Alan Dedicoat? I have known for an awfully long time that I have got an enemy at the BBC and I would love to know who it is."

Sony Gold Winner Sarah says she has had problems with her sleep, not helped by police helicopters flying above her house at night as it's near to Wormwood Scrubs prison. "I agree that I sounded slurred," she said. "I have a lazy tongue, if I’m not giving it my all."

We told you earlier this month how Kennedy would not be returning to the Dawn Patrol show, which she's hosted for 17 years, following her summer break. Lynn Parsons is currently filling in on weekday mornings 5-7am until the end of the month when she moves to the new Smooth Radio UK service.

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