Kestrel to share programmes

Kestrel FM North and Kestrel FM South can officially become one after Ofcom approved a Format change for the stations to share all programmes.

The two stations are already co-located in Basingstoke and network 20 hours per day, but now have permission to combine all output including breakfast.

In asking for the change, David Rees, Group Brand Director of Tindle Radio said: "We do not believe that this request would substantially alter the character of either service. The output of both stations would essentially remain the same."

Ofcom agreed, saying: "The departure would not substantially alter the character of the service, and because it is consistent with Ofcom’s policy on programme sharing, as set out in our published localness guidelines."

Kestrel FM North launched n 1998 and Kestrel FM South launched in 1992 as Wey Valley Radio and has also been known as Delta FM.

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