Men’s Hour recommissioned

BBC Radio 5 Live's answer to Women's Hour – Men's Hour – has been given a second series for Spring 2011, which will be longer.

There'll also be a special edition this Christmas.

Hosted by award winning presenter and journalist Tim Samuels, Men’s Hour launched in July pledging to 'delve into unchartered emotional territory for men, giving them a platform to air their feelings amidst the robust debate and discussion.'

Billed as Women’s Hour’s cheeky younger brother, the show featured topics such as soldiers who couldn't face going back to the frontline, features on how to survive in prison, long-distance dads, online dating, office meltdowns, the realities of having a newborn baby, ageing and hair hypochondria.

Contributors and interviewees included Andy McNab, Martin Freeman, Dave Lee Travis, Rod Liddle and Neil Morrissey.

Tim Samuels said: "We've had an amazing array of blokes opening up on a vast range of subjects – from life-changing experiences to the most peculiar examples of hypochondria. The alchemy of guests, topics and tone has really given us something to build on when we come back. Give us 64 years and Men's Hour might just become the new Woman's Hour."

Producer Jon Holmes added: "Men's Hour has popped its radio cherry, sped through puberty in six weeks and looks forward to spending its teenage years furtively hanging around the schedules of 5 Live when we return."

Men’s Hour is produced for 5 Live by Tonic Productions in association with Fresh One.

Radio 5 live Commissioning Editor Jonathan Wall told us: "Men's Hour wasn't going to join Woman's Hour as a national broadcasting institution within six programmes! But I do think Tim and the team have provided some intelligent, thought provoking and entertainingly honest discussion which has convinced us to commit to a longer series next year. I am delighted that some of the critics, who thought it was just a PR stunt, appear to have been won over by the quality of the live discussion and the open and frank views of the contributors."

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