Trouble at community station

A community radio station has sacked its morning show presenter, and had 16 volunteers resign as a result, it has been reported.

Bute FM, broadcasting to Rothesay on the Island of Bute in Scotland, has itself become headline news in the local newspaper as a result.

The Herald Scotland says [i]co-director and morning show presenter Michael Blair, 66, was abruptly sacked from his show by station manager and co-director Iain Donald, 30.[/i]

The other volunteers walked out after being told they could not talk about the sudden departure of Michael, even though it was the topic of discussion on the "Have Your Say" programme. One volunteer told the paper: "You can’t ignore the dozens of people who are phoning in wanting to talk about one issue – and that was the sacking of Mike.

“One of the volunteers was trying to grab the text phone off me and I had to ask this person to leave me alone. All of this could be heard on air. For a community radio station to tell listeners that they can’t have their say on a show called Have Your Say is just incredible."

Read the full report [link=]here[/link].

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