Absolute Radio does Windows 7

Keeping up with tradition, Absolute Radio has created a brand new app for a brand new mobile phone platform.

The new mobile phone 7, which launched in the UK last week, will soon have a specially created Absolute Radio app available in the Windows 7 Marketplace.

A post on the One Golden Square blog says: "We are working hard to move this from beta to a version that you’ll be able to download from the Windows 7 Marketplace as well as incorporating more exciting new features to exploit this rejuvenated mobile platform."

The Beta version, which can be seen in [link=http://onegoldensquare.com/2010/10/windows-phone-7-and-absolute-radio/]this YouTube clip[/link], shows how the app is in the same styling as the rest of the Windows Phone 7 experience, with Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s and football on Absolute Radio Extra all available.

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