BBC nations radio under review

The BBC Trust has today begun its service review of the BBC's national radio stations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The three month review will cover BBC Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru.

Licence fee payers are being given the opportunity to give their views on these services, and the Trust will use this consultation, alongside a range of other data and audience research, to decide whether it needs to make changes to improve the radio stations.

The Trust will look at the quality, distinctiveness and value for money of these stations and ask whether the BBC's future plans are robust and deliverable. A final report setting out the conclusions and any necessary changes the Trust will be making will be published in 2011.

To ensure licence fee payers are getting the best out of the BBC, the Trust reviews every BBC service at least every five years.
BBC Trust Chairman, Sir Michael Lyons, said: "Over two million listeners tune into these radio stations each week. Part of the Trust's job is to make sure the BBC is serving all audiences around the UK, so we want to hear from as many of these listeners as possible with their thoughts on the services. We want to know what they like, what they dislike and what, if anything, the BBC should do to make these radio stations better."

This is the Trust's eighth service review. The seventh, on BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7, is scheduled to report soon. Previously the Trust has published service reviews of, the BBC's services for children, the BBC's services for young people and Radio 2 and 6 Music.

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