No talks for Chris and Ashley

Ashley Tabor has not had any talks with Chris Moyles regarding a move to Capital FM in the new year, he has confirmed in front of hundreds of delegates at The Radio Festival.

Let's just put this one to bed he said mid-way through the opening session, which focused mostly on DAB.

The session also touched on the topic of privatising Radios 1 and 2, and if news on commercial radio should be available for sponsorship.

BBC Radio 2 was featured in another session, One to One with the Bosses, in which Radio 2 and 6 Music controller Bob Shennan said we'll see some of the new Radio 2 presenters over the coming year be a bit older than what they have at the moment. A typical example being the signing of Tony Blackburn.

Talking about Chris Evans moving to breakfast and Sir Terry leaving, he said: "It was a landmark moment for us and yet another change – when Jonathan (Ross) left Radio 2… Graham Norton was the right choice to fill this incredibly important entertainment entry slot on the station. Already he's settled in after 3 shows. It's a huge programme for any individual to carry… it's not about plonking anyone off the telly to do that show."

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