Rock replaces Smooth in regions

GMG Radio's classic rock music station is to replace easy listening brand Smooth on the regional DAB multiplexes in Yorkshire and South Wales/Severn Estuary.

Ofcom has given approval for the switch, which follows the launch of Smooth Radio on the Digital 1 national multiplex this week.

Listeners in Yorkshire used to get the North East version of Smooth Radio on DAB, while South Wales and the Severn Estuary got the London output. With the launch of the new UK-wide Smooth service, they'd have found two Smooths on their digital radios.

GMG operates two FM Rock Radio stations – in Glasgow and Manchester – which share programming outside of breakfast and drivetime. It also already broadcasts on DAB in Edinburgh, Glasgow and North East England.

Also as part of the announcement from Ofcom today, Smooth Radio on the London II (Switch Digital) multiplex will be replaced by French Radio London. Following this week's Smooth Radio relaunch, the service broadcast on D1 is the same as the London output on 102.2FM and regional DAB – meaning two services on digital in the capital are identical.

GMG Radio say the changes will take place from this Saturday (9 October 2010)

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