French station launches on DAB

The capital has a new radio station on DAB with the launch of French Radio London today.

The broadcaster went on air at lunchtime on the London II multiplex, targeting the city's 400,000 French-speaking residents.

The Ambassador of France to the UK, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, hosted a party at his residence to launch the station and kicked of the live broadcasting at 12noon.

It's the first French language terrestrial broadcast station in the UK and is the brainchild of radio broadcast consultant Pascal Grierson who is the CEO. Pascal said: "This is an exciting development for listeners as well as UK and French based commercial partners who can benefit from a dedicated platform to reach French-speaking London residents and the wider Francophile community."

With the studios and offices in central London, French Radio London also has a network of Paris-based correspondents who will be brining regular news updates, interviews and press reviews from the French capital.

Managing the editorial team is Jean-Michel Duffrene as the Programme Director. For more than 20 years, Jean-Michel worked as a producer in the French Language section of the BBC World Service and he has managed programme teams and a worldwide network of correspondents at BBC Afrique.

Breakfast will be hosted by Olivier Jauffrit and Manon Ferrant – he's been working in radio in France for 20 years, while she's making the switch to broadcasting after spells at French newspapers.

Olivier says: "I am delighted to be in at the start of FRL which I am sure is going to pick up many regular listeners. They can look forward to a lively mélange of the very best of French music from the past and present and aimed to appeal primarily to French music tastes."

Music will be 80 percent French and 20 percent international.

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