Millionaire visits Sunny Govan

One of Glasgow's community radio stations has received a donation of £15,000, as part of a Channel 4 television show.

The team at Sunny Govan Radio were visited by multi-millionaire Gordon McAlpine during his undercover stay in the Govan area.

During the show, after spending time with the volunteers and celebrating the station's third birthday party, Gordon is moved to give away a substantial financial gift at the end of his stay in order to help them continue their work.

Sunny Govan founder Heather Macmillan said: "We are delighted to have taken part in Secret Millionaire. Community radio aims not only to participate in the life of the community but also to enable the community to participate in the life of the station. The award will be of great practical help but it is also a vote of confidence in the work we; the staff; the volunteers and; the people of Govan and Glasgow, are doing to put communication at the centre of our daily lives."

The programme was broadcast at 9pm Thursday.

(We also notice Sunny Govan were using their [link=]Radio Today Wallplanner[/link] too, which you can see behind Gordon in the image above. This makes us happy.)

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