More locals use Sportsmedia

Eleven more local radio stations across the country have started getting bulletins from Sportsmedia, who are launching a new service for community radio.

The Total Star and Touch radio stations in the West Country and the Midlands will now received daily sports and financial bulletins from the firm.

Sportsmedia has also announced a new twice-daily service to the Community Radio sector.

Commenting on the new stations and service, CEO Jonny Gould told "Community radio is emerging in UK radio, helping to serve local communities when more and more stations are being networked from London. Sportsmedia needs to be in community radio too.”

"We’re also delighted to welcome new stations to our growing network. We broadcast to the country's most populous regions and reach a combined audience larger than any single national station. Because of this, they offer us unique opportunities to drill down into each community like no
other national network can offer."

Sportsmedia and Businessmedia's bullets are taken by stations across the UK, Ireland and Spain and contain live on-site reports from major sporting events as well as interview clips.

The service is paid for through sponsorship which is delivered within the editorial environment of each bulletin.

Chief Editor, Sportsmedia Broadcasting Ltd., Jonathan Hart, who negotiated and completed the deals said: "New stations and networks are always a tremendous boost and we’re set up to provide localised content to every part of the country."

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