Ofcom investigate off-air L107

Scottish station L107 is facing Ofcom action after nearly two weeks of failing to broadcast programmes and news.

The Lanarkshire station has been off the air completely and then output replaced with non-stop music and adverts, apparently because of a row over who owns it.

Presenter and investor Scottie McClue told the [link=http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/2010/11/11/cult-dj-scotty-mcclue-replaced-by-mp3-player-after-row-over-radio-station-ownership-86908-22708220/]Daily Record[/link]: "You couldn't make this up. Someone has hi-jacked our transmitter and has stuck an MP3 player on it, which blocks us out. We're all here at the station, but the transmission is coming from elsewhere and we're still trying to get to the bottom of it. The MP3 sounds as though it's jumping and it's playing an awful lot of James Blunt."

The paper reports that the Hamilton station's been at the centre of an ownership row for months. Earlier this year, the station's transmitter was stolen from the roof amid rumours that they were £300,000 in debt. Owner Alan Shields left and the business was bought by Creative Media.

One theory now is that the landlords of the premises have taken control following non-payment of rents, with comments on radio forums suggesting the studios and transmitters are now owned by different parties.

When contacted by RadioToday.co.uk, a spokesman for Ofcom told us: "We are aware that the station has ceased broadcasting. We are in contact with the licensee and have initiated a standard 'breach of licence' process that we follow in these situations. This involves inviting representations from the licensee."

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