Radio Ideas Bank unveiled

A new creative content tool for radio sales and promotions people has been launched at last night's Promotions and Marketing Awards. is a fully searchable online database featuring hundreds of ideas for competitions and promotions that have been tried and tested.

The website is the brainchild of consultants Paul Chantler, Eddie Startup and Debbie Tighe. They say it'll help radio sponsorship and promotions teams brainstorm briefs from clients, as the website can be searched by things like client category or occasion. We're told it's designed especially for small and medium market stations as a tool to help in the battle against the 'big boys'.

Radio Ideas Bank Ltd managing director Debbie Tighe told "With more pressure than ever to deliver revenue, a database with some of the best creative ideas in the world can make it easier to impress and excite clients. If you're trying to find an on-air contest idea for a shopping centre, restaurant or health club for example, you can search the site and it will access dozens of suitable ideas you can go and sell."

"We’re like the Google for radio ideas," she added. "We've put together a collection of the best ideas from around the world. We have hundreds, from the cheesy to the cool, the silly to the serious and the massive to the modest."

Find out more about RadioIdeasBank and how it works, [link=]here[/link].

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