It’s going to be another tough Quarter 1

[b][i]Radio Response Managing Director David Harber has £1m he wants to share with your station…[/i][/b]

Blimey it’s going to be another tough Quarter 1.

However, let me share some good news… Radio Response has secured a million pounds of Cost Per Acquisition advertising budgets from the digital marketplace to be spent on radio. And we want to share this income with your station.

Radio Response is the UK’s only CPA radio advertising specialist and we can hear the collective groan of radio stations bracing themselves for another tough year.

Our opportunity fills your unsold inventory with high value and high volume response campaigns from the financial, claims management and legal sectors. And because this is a system being heavily used in TV, we believe that radio stations should keep an open mind to such non-traditional advertising opportunities; especially as television is bleeding radio dry by acquiring their disproportionate share of this lucrative market.

We are keen to hear from stations with available inventory to make use of this secured budget. And because we are radio people, we understand broadcasters concerns around releasing their unsold inventory, which is why we work hand-in-hand with stations and groups to ensure absolute transparency and accountability across all of our campaigns.

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, Radio Response does not take commission from stations.

To take advantage of this lucrative first-come, first-served opportunity click here or call David Harber or Toby Vander Meersch on 0208 133 2 133.

We look forward to working with you to fill the gaps in 2011… Happy New Year from all of us at Radio Response.

To listen to a fun audio demonstration as to how this will work for your station, please click here.

[b]David Harber is Managing Director of Radio Response, the UK’s only specialist CPA radio advertising agency.[/b]

[i]This feature is paid-for advertorial content. To find out about advertising opportunities with and eRADIO, please email[/i]

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