iAds used by Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is to use Apple's new iAd platform to promote the station's new Rock'N'Roll Football campaign.

It's the first radio station in Europe to advertise on iAds, and hopes to target digitally-savvy football fans receiving an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas.

Commenting on the launch, Absolute Radio Chief Operating Officer Clive Dickens said, “Absolute Radio has digital at its very core and our mobile Rock N Roll football campaign on the Apple iAd platform really sums up our commitment to be at the forefront of creative technology”.

The ads give a demonstration of what happens when football and music collide – including ‘Where’s Wrighty’ is a game where the player must find Absolute Radio’s Ian Wright hidden in a music festival field as quickly as possible – tweeting their score to their followers, and the ‘Hotel Shoot-Out’ game, which lets the player be a rockstar footballer, trashing a room in London’s Sanctum Hotel by kicking a ball around. The more damage, the higher the score.

See an example of the ads [link=http://onegoldensquare.com/2010/12/absolute-radio-launches-on-the-iad-platform/]here[/link].

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