Jamie Oliver on 5 Live menu

Jamie Oliver's joining the festive line-up for BBC Radio 5 Live and will be featured in an interview about his life as celebrity chef.

He'll talk to Men's Hour presenter Tim Samuels in a programme to be broadcast on 30 December, where he'll talk about – among other thing – what it's really like to be perceived as rich and famous.

Interviewed at a greasy spoon café in London's East End, away from the urbane and trendy that has become synonymous with the Oliver brand, Jamie candidly also discusses what life is like in the spotlight and how he protects his family whilst exposing them to the scrutiny of the media.

Jamie also talks about how the work of the newly formed Jamie Oliver Foundation changes the lives of disadvantaged young people who live a million miles away from his postcode.

Radio 5 Live Controller, Adrian Van Klaveren, said: "Jamie Oliver isn't just one of Britain's most famous chefs but is now one of the country's most famous people. This programme will uniquely get behind the image of the man and give listeners a proper understanding of his thoughts and feelings."

The Naked Chef Unwrapped will air on 30 December at 6.30pm on 5 Live.

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