Lamarr departs BBC Radio 2

Mark Lamarr has announced he is leaving Radio 2, saying the station is becoming "much less interested in non-mainstream music".

He'll host his last Friday night show Shake, Rattle and Roll at the end of December, after being refused an earlier slot than his current 11pm start.

He sent an email to some of his listeners saying his position there has "been extremely uncomfortable" but saying he was proud of the shows he's done for the last 12 years.

Here's the letter in full, as originally printed by Bob Harris on his [link=]website[/link].

[blockquote]Apologies for the impersonal nature of this email but I'm sending this to you as you've shown some interest in my Radio 2 shows over the last years. In short, I'll be leaving Radio 2 at Christmas, presumably for good. It's become obvious over the last year the station has become much less interested in non mainstream music, and my position there has been extremely uncomfortable.

It's a sign of the times I suppose. I'm stupidly proud of the shows I've done there for 12 years and I know I always did the right thing. I'm equally sure I'm doing the right thing now. Not looking for sympathy, or another job, or even a reply. Just letting you know.

Mark Lamarr[/blockquote]

Mark has been hosting Shake, Rattle and Roll since 1998, playing tracks from his own record collection. He has previously worked for Radio 1, GLR and 5 Live.

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