Prep? There’s an app for that

A new iPhone app, designed to help radio presenters and producers with content ideas for their shows, has launched in the App store.

Radio Talk Topics features hundreds of suggestions for talk topics and questions of the day, with users just tapping the screen to shuffle and see a new idea.

It's been developed by Wave 105 breakfast presenter Steve Power and programming consultant Paul Chantler.

Paul told "On my travels I've encountered the problem of coming up with interesting and imaginative content loads of times. Steve and I have collected hundreds of ideas for talk topics over the years and this new app is a great way to share them. I think there’s a growing demand from DJs and producers for quality creative content which engages and enthuses listeners. Our app is a response to this. It's a thought-starter and can be used while on the air or in show prep meetings."

We're told the app will be updated monthly with extra content, and the makers say it's suitable for commercial and BBC presenters and producers as well as those involved in student, hospital and community radio.

Steve added: "The app solves that 5.30am lack-of-inspiration dilemma for breakfast broadcasters of what talk topic or question will provoke a reaction from the audience on their show that day. It does the thinking for you."

Radio Talk Topics is available as a premium app through the iTunes App Store.

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