Prof Dann appointment confirmed

Former Radio Academy Chief Executive Trevor Dann's appointment as Visiting Professor in Radio and Sound has been confirmed by the University of Lincoln.

The uni's School of Media says Trevor will be teaching students on the Audio Production and Media Production degree programmes as part of his first academic appointment.

Trevor says: "I was shocked and delighted to be asked to be a visiting professor by the University of Lincoln. While I was chief executive of the Radio Academy I talked to lots of students and I really liked talking to students. I've been genuinely impressed by the calibre of graduates turned out by Lincoln, having met several through Academy events. They all seemed to me to have been prepared for proper jobs in industry."

He added: "There is no point teaching students things that aren’t relevant to industry and I want to help the University build on its already good links with the radio and audio industries. There are still plenty of opportunities for creativity. Radio is not a dying industry; it is a growing industry and there will be lots more opportunities for radio and audio producers of the future."

Programme leader Bryan Rudd said he was confident Dann's appointment would help provide a bridge for students into the broadcast and music industries and is hoping to link in with digital station Amazing Radio, where Trevor has just taken up a senior role.

Bryan said: "I've known of Trevor for a number of years through my background in radio, sound and music production. In 2007 I organised the transnational radio conference here in Lincoln and invited him to be the keynote speaker, not least because I knew he’d shake the tree and make a very sparky keynote speech on the state of the radio industry. What he said sat well with a lot of academics and created a lot of debate.

"Trevor has been an important figurehead in the radio industry for a good number of years. He bridges with some distinction both radio broadcasting and music production. I am absolutely delighted that Trevor has agreed to be our visiting professor and I can't wait to begin working with him."

Trevor's inaugural lecture will be to a public audience in February 2011.

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