The top radio stories of 2010

If radio and television can count down the biggest hits of the year, then so can we.

Radio Today presents the Top 10 of 10 – the most read stories from the last 12 months from 10 to 1. Is it Heart's merger, Capital's rebranding or even a story about Chris Moyles? Read on to find out.

[b]10. [link=]Oxford gets Glee FM on 107.9[/link][/b]

Back in August, FM107.9 had come to the end of its life, and in its place, appeared Glee FM. Non-Stop songs from Glee. However, this was short lived as it was just another stunt from 270 Woodstock Road. A few days later, the real station, Glide FM, launched with a little less publicity.

[b]9. [link=]Gold goes from 26 to three[/link][/b]

Hidden in a paragraph on the press release in June about Global Radio closing 20 FM stations and turning them into Heart, was the sad news that 26 Gold stations were to stop offering split content and simply become a relay from London.

[b]8. [link=]Gem to replace Heart East Mids[/link][/b]

In a move which is still confusing the vast majority of the radio industry, Orion Media bosses are re-branding Heart 106 as Gem 106 in the East Midlands. Even Global Radio was shocked at the news, especially as Heart 106 got its best ever RAJAR figures in the last quarterly results.

[b]7. [link=]New rules for Commercial Radio[/link][/b]

We thought this one would be higher, being responsible for most of the stories in the Top 10. Our line in April suggesting "It could spell the end of region-specific programmes on Galaxy, Real Radio, Smooth Radio and Kiss" has come true, if you count Real Radio Wales going national from January.

[b]6. [link=]Adam Catterall leaving Rock FM[/link][/b]

This story making number six is either down to our large readership in the Northwest of England, or that Adam Catterall is a very popular presenter. Either way, his sudden and unexplained exit in February was our 6th most read story of the year, and he tells us he'll be back on-air in 2011.

[b]5. [link=]Moyles split makes headlines[/link][/b]

We should point out at this stage that Chris Moyles splitting up with his girlfriend is not the point of our story. Our report was based on a breakfast radio presenter making as headline news in many newspapers around the country. Well that's our excuse and we're sticking to it.

[b]4. [link=]Smooth goes national on Digital One[/link][/b]

Everyone expected it, but not quite as soon. Just two months after Ofcom allowed it, GMG Radio announced the closure of four regional stations, leaving one in England and one in Scotland. Smooth Radio now operates a national service on DAB and awaits the arrival of Simon Bates next week.

[b]3. [link=]Sarah Kennedy leaves Radio 2[/link][/b]

You made this our 3rd most read story of 2010. After 17 years on the early show at BBC Radio 2, Sarah Kennedy announced she was leaving in September. Her show has been covered by Lynn Parsons and Aled Jones recently but Vanessa Feltz takes over the show full time from January.

[b]2. [link=]Full details of the Heart attack[/link][/b]

Taking its position as the 2nd most popular story on in 2010, is the news about Heart merging 33 stations to 15. Our numerous stories on the topic explained everything, along with an exclusive [link=,+Lancashire,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&msa=0&msid=200835612382498737141.00048999191609480aee7&source=embed&ll=52.241256,-1.845703&spn=4.656175,11.634521&z=7]Google maps mash-up[/link] explaining the changes. Tuesday June 22nd was the date many won't forget.

[size=18][b]And at Number One…[/b][/size]

  1. [link=]Capital FM to replace Galaxy[/link]

On Tuesday September 14th, at 7pm, Radio Today was the first to tell the world that Galaxy, Red Dragon FM, Trent FM, Leicester Sound and RAM FM are being merged into the Capital FM network. Reaction wasn't good. It gave us our biggest page impressions of the year, with double the normal traffic for a 24 hour period.

[b]What will 2011 bring us? Whatever happens in the radio industry, you can be sure we'll be here to report the facts, first and accurately. [/b]

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