UBC brokers DAB swap deal

UBC Media has announced it is behind the deal that sees Gold swapped for Absolute Classic Rock on seven digital radio multiplexes in the North of England.

The switch happened last week, with UBC handling the sub-lease of space on the Bauer-owned multiplexes.

The contract sees TIML Radio Ltd get access to the spectrum for two years for an undisclosed fee.

We're told the space was the subject of an agreement in July between UBC and Bauer, which saw settlement of any outstanding fees to Bauer for the remainder of the multiplex contracts. UBC therefore has no further fees to pay but as part of the deal had the rights to continue to market the spectrum with Bauer retaining a minority percentage of any revenue generated.

Simon Cole, Chief Executive of UBC, said: "Having settled our liability with Bauer, it was a priority of ours to maximise the value of this spectrum for the remainder of its term. I'm pleased to have been able to conclude a deal with Absolute Radio."

A spokesperson for Global Radio told RadioToday.co.uk that Gold was only on the seven multiplexes as "a sustaining service".

Last week Gold disappeared from digital radios for listeners in Central Lancashire, Humberside, Leeds, Liverpool, South Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear and Teesside, with Absolute Classic Rock taking its place.

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