Unsold ad help for stations

Radio stations with unsold airtime are being targeted in a new campaign by advertising specialists Radio Response.

The firm have a million pounds worth of new revenues to share with stations and help them 'manage the gap' through the current difficult revenue periods.

Launching the campaign, being promoted to the industry through RadioToday.co.uk, Radio Response's Managing Director David Harber told us: "We know things in Quarter 1 will be tough and having secured this sizable ad budget from digital sector, we are offering stations the chance to make good revenues from their available inventory.'

Business Development Consultant, Toby Vander Meersch added: "We have secured high value and
high volume response campaigns from the financial, claims management and legal sectors. TV has found that trading in this way generates strong revenues and radio is failing to see the lucrative benefits of this market."

More information about this revenue opportunity can be found on our [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.6568.20]Featured Content[/link] pages.

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