Nokia gives away DAB headset

As part of the launch of the Nokia DAB headset for mobile phones, the unit will be bundled free with Nokia N8 phones purchased from the Nokia Online shop.

Otherwise the new gadget will cost £45 and work with Symbian 3 handsets including the N8, E7 and E8 phones.

[link=]Announced[/link] whilst the Radio Festival was taking place in October last year, the Nokia Digital Radio Headset is [link=]now available[/link].

The channel is displayed on the phone screen with the headset used to change channels and volume. It comes complete with in-ear stereo headphones and a 3.5mm jack. It also has an integrated microphone for phone calls, with the dongle used to open and close calls, and can control music and video playback.

A [link=]similar headset[/link] is available for the iPhone, priced around £50.

Posted on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 8:10 pm by RadioToday UK

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