Former Forth team reunite

More than 60 former staff from Edinburgh's Radio Forth got together for a dinner earlier in the week for a reunion.

The 'Forth Formers Get-together' featured old faces who came from as far away as Australia – as well as from all over the UK.

Former station MD Tom Steele organised the event at the Apex City Hotel in Edinburgh's Grassmarket and told "It was a great gathering of very talented people in all of the departments: programming, news, sales, administration and engineering. The station went on air in 1975, and we had folks there from every one of the 36 years."

The 'Forth Formers' is an unofficial title for those who've left the station over the years.

Tom added: "We had people come from all over the UK as well as Europe and as far away as Australia. It was a glittering occasion and one which we will no doubt repeat in another few years time."

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