Trust approves series stacking

The BBC Trust has approved what they are calling Series Stacking for radio – meaning more content will be available via the iPlayer for Radio.

Normally, only the previous seven days programmes are available for "listen again" but this move makes an entire series available.

Series stacking for radio was proposed to the Trust by the BBC Executive. The Trust has assessed the impact, financial implications, novelty and duration of the proposal and has concluded that it does not contribute a significant change to BBC services. The Trust has also concluded that the proposed radio series stacking fits with the BBC's overall strategy.

The BBC states that there are unlikely to be any substantial adverse impacts on others associated with this proposal given: "There are no known commercial radio stations that create factual or drama productions" and "The limited amount of on-demand content offered by commercial radio.".

Commenting on the report via James Cridland's [link=]blog[/link], Absolute Radio COO Clive Dickens says: "This ‘series stacking’ request should have been referred to Radio Centre for impact assessment. They have created another vertical for BBC Radio using public funds.

"Another example of why we need change at the top of the BBC Trust asap."

Absolute Radio has over 15,000 programmes available, and GMG Radio recently spent One Million Pounds on documentaries. We've asked for a comment from the commercial radio body RadioCentre, which we expect on Monday.

No more than 15 per cent of radio content available on-demand will be series-stacked. Unabridged book readings will not be series-stacked. Music sequences or concerts will not be included.

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