Absolute first with app stats

Absolute Radio has become the first UK radio company to public figures showing how many monthly active users it has on its smartphone apps.

They're also publishing figures for number of apps downloaded, following a suggestion from radio commentator Matt Deegan on his [link=http://www.mattdeegan.com/2011/02/09/radio-app-stats-what-does-it-all-mean/]blog[/link].

In January, Absolute Radio’s, mobile applications had 222,000 active users. On average each of these active users used an Absolute Radio app 7.5 times creating 1.6million listening occasions.

Absolute also says it has received 1.6m Smartphone application downloads in total, not including updates.

The average Absolute Radio mobile app user is spending 37 minutes per month within an Absolute Radio app. However Absolute Radio’s latest iPhone application launched was the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Football Live Scores’, giving real-time access to the latest Premier League scores and live commentary. In January this app, which has rarely been out of the top 20 free sports download charts, had an average ‘in app’ dwell time of 57 minutes on a Premier League Match Saturday .

Clive Dickens, Absolute Radio's Chief Operating Officer said: "This new mode of engagement is allowing us to learn more about our digital audience and our ever increasing mobile community to further enhance radio’s accountability. I look forward to welcoming other UK radio brands to this new metric to aid better comparison of scale"

As well as the app stats, Absolute says it is the only commercial UK station to release its streamed and on demand listening hours data and make this information public. They say they release the data monthly on the [link=http://onegoldensquare.com/stats]One Golden Square blog[/link] to provide greater accountability for commercial partners.

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