Chancellor phones Radio Scilly

Radio Scilly morning show presenter Keri Jones had a surprise caller for listeners on Friday’s show – the Chancellor, George Osborne.

He called the island’s radio station to update listeners on a government decision to push the EU for a reduction in the duty on fuel for the people of Scilly.

They’re proposing 5p off each litre to help with the additional cost of fuel which is transported to the islands. There are 1600 people on St Mary’s and just 7 miles of road. Keri talked to the Chancellor about the proposals and also about other issues concerning Government support for infrastructure projects for the islands, which lie 28 miles off Land’s End in Cornwall.

Keri told "Scilly is a sub-tropical paradise that visitors often compare to the unspoilt islands of the Caribbean so we’re used to chatting to some of the big names in politics and showbusiness. They just turn up! To date, our biggest guest has been David Beckham but to receive an unexpected call from the man who holds the UK’s purse strings is quite significant. And with rumours that the Royal Couple may honeymoon a few hundred yards from my house, I’m not going to let any calls go to answerphone!"

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