Festival idea becomes Real-ity

An idea pitched as part of the Radio's Got Talent session at last autumn's Radio Festival is making it to the air this weekend on GMG's Real Radio and Rock Radio stations.

'Killing Bono – A Life in the Shadow of Superstardom' is an hour-long documentary which tells the story of Irish musician Neil McCormick who grew up in Dublin in the 1970s with the people who ultimately became rock band U2.

Neil desperately wanted to be a famous ‘pop star’ but always seemed to be two steps behind, while his school chums went from strength to strength and onto ultimate world musical domination.

The idea for the documentary was pitched at October's Radio Festival on Salford Quays where young producers presented their ideas to the networks with the promise that each would commission at least one of the ideas put forward. GMG Radio selected an idea from Sarah Grun to turn the book 'I Was Bono's Doppelganger' into a radio programme and to tie its broadcast into the film of the book, now titled ‘Killing Bono’ which was in production.

Narrated by Real Radio presenter Debbie Mac, the documentary – which airs this Sunday – features interviews with Neil, his brother Ivan who was in the very original line-up of U2 called Feedback, and their sister Stella (also a backing singer in Feedback). It has been produced by Sarah Grun who put forward the idea in the first place.

Ultimately, and ironically, fame has come along for Neil through the success of his book and film. He's also gone on to be a music journalist, writing for the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Marie Claire magazine and GQ.

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