Interactive show for 6 Music

BBC Radio 6 Music is launching a new interactive show to bring topical online conversations about music to the radio.

The programme – called ‘Now Playing @6Music’ – is an independent production by Somethin’ Else, following the station’s first ever co-commission with BBC Audio and Music Interactive.

Host Tom Robinson will provide 6 Music listeners and the online music community with a weekly on-air outlet to recommend, curate and share the music they are passionate about. We’re told it’ll act as a filter for music fans who are ‘overwhelmed by the landscape of choice in front of them’ in the world of websites, blogs, streaming services and social networks.

Tom and the production team will track the online buzz around alternative music in a variety of ways – actively trawling the web for the hottest music downloads, talking to fans in different online communities to reflect their musical loves and dipping into real-time search on Twitter to get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the music conversation.

There will also be the chance for the audience to build a weekly topical playlist, contributing opinions and tracks through a number of social music based services as well as the 6 Music website.

Chris Kimber, Managing Editor at Audio and Music Interactive says: "I want this to be a ground-breaking new show which is built from the ground up on audience interactivity, rather than bolting it on. Every piece of music will come from the audience and from online music fans – this is music radio 2.0."

Steve Ackerman, MD at producers Somethin' Else told "We're delighted to be producing the show for 6 Music. It combines our expertise in social media with our heritage in radio, creating innovative content sourced from music fans in their online communities for the first time."

The new show starts on Friday 8 April, as part of the changes to the 6 Music schedule that see the arrival of Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie on afternoons, Nemone moving to weekend breakfast and the return of Adam and Joe to the station.

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