Merger suggested for BBC locals

An idea to network all BBC local radio stations together outside of breakfast and drivetime with 5 Live has been suggested to senior BBC bosses.

The suggestion came from a Delivering Quality First session, aimed at finding 20 per cent savings over the four years to April 2017.

The news has created a negative and angry reaction from staff within the corporation, and it's hoped the idea will not be taken any further. A BBC Spokesperson confirmed to that no decisions have been made so it would be wrong to speculate.

"It is of course only right that BBC staff have an opportunity to input ideas about shaping the BBC's future. The Delivering Quality First sessions are designed to provoke discussion amongst staff about the way the BBC works and any decisions coming out of the process would be subject to approval by the BBC Trust."

The National Union of Journalists [link=]has called[/link] on the BBC to “step back from the brink” and protect the important role of local radio.

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said: “Local radio plays a crucial role in keeping local communities informed. These proposals would rip the heart out of local programming and effectively sound the death knell for local radio."

Read more on the suggestion by Bill Rogers in a blog post [link=]here[/link].

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