Moyles jokes about R2 prison

Chris Moyles has joked that a move to Radio 2 for him would be 'like moving from one prison to another'.

The Radio 1 breakfast show jock made the comments on his show this morning while talking to Radio 2 drivetime presenter Simon Mayo about Moyles' upcoming longest-show record attempt.

After telling listeners that Simon would be on Radio 2 at 5pm today after Steve Wright, Mayo said: "There's a sense of longing in your voice – like that's the place you really want to be."

Chris replied: "No I'm very happy here. Seriously – if they moved me to Radio 2 right now it would be like moving from one jail to another. This (Radio 1) is an open prison – this is like petty crime and theft, yours (Radio 2) is like lifers. And I'm happy here with the inmates at Radio 1."

The comments come after [link=]speculation in the papers at the weekend[/link] that Radio 1 are lining up Greg James to take over the Radio 1 breakfast show when Chris' current contract runs out.

A BBC source told the News of the World: "Greg is most definitely the heir apparent and it means we will soon have to have a discussion with Chris about how long he will be willing to stay on for. We are going to be careful not to force Chris out before Greg is ready. We're well aware Chris is a huge star, but we have to look to the future because someone who's nearly 40 can't really be hosting a show aimed at teenagers."

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