PPL to monitor radio output

Music licensing company PPL is teaming up with a radio and TV monitoring firm as part of an overhaul of how it distributes money to performers.

The collaboration with Soundmouse will mean PPL get more accurate information about tracks that are aired instead of relying on information from broadcasters.

They’ll then use the data to help accurately distribute revenues to performer and record company members.

Mark Vermaat, Head of Business Development at Soundmouse, said: "Our audio recognition system is the result of a significant period of investment in research and development within Soundmouse, focussing the brightest minds of our mathematicians and engineers on the complex challenges of automated music reporting. We are very pleased to be working with PPL and its members to bring to the industry a new level of accuracy and efficiency in music reporting which will see very real benefit.”

Tim Silver, Head of Distribution at PPL, added: “We looked at a number of companies operating in this field of broadcast music recognition but Soundmouse were clear leaders. The world of music licensing becomes increasingly complex and demanding, and it is critical that we meet the expectations of our membership who rightly look to us to provide them with the highest levels of information and reporting. At the same time, the addition of Soundmouse will assist us enormously with broadcasters as it will give us and them greater transparency moving forward as usage of music increases.”

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