Radio 5 Live adopts two towns

BBC Radio 5 Live is adopting two towns for a year – one in the North, one in the South – to assess the impact of this week's Budget.

The station will follow residents of Falmouth and Chorley to find out what the Chancellor's financial announcements mean to their day-to-day lives.

Stephen Mawhinney, Radio 5 Live's Head of News said: "We chose Chorley and Falmouth so we can look at how two places, 350 miles apart and with very different economies, are affected by the same policies. Who's struggling and who's doing well? We'll be asking for their thoughts and experiences on everything from interest rates and jobs to the price of food, the prices of fuel, and the price of a university education – everything which affects how they live and how much money they have in their back pocket."

5 Live will be in both towns on Wednesday to hear initial reactions and opinions on how the country's money is being managed.

Then on Thursday the station will be reporting live from the town centres, talking to guests from all walks of life and covering local reaction to the previous day's announcements.

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