Rod’s love talk with Jack FM

Singer Rod Stewart has told Oxford radio station Jack FM its listeners should be cautious before rushing in to marriage.

He was speaking about the station’s ‘2 Strangers and a Wedding’ competition which will see a listener from Jack getting hitched to a listener from sister station Glide FM that they’ve never met before.

Speaking to presenters Trev, Sue and Caroline from JACKfm’s Morning Glory this morning, ‘three times married’ Rod said: “My son’s thinking of getting married and I tell him he’s got to have a plan about it. Wait, think about it. Think of all the pitfalls. Are you actually ready to get married? Is the person you want to marry ready to get married? Because I think women change so much between the age of 21 and say 31. They’re different women by the time they’re 31.”

Rod also revealed to the Jack team that he does believe in ‘love at first sight’. “I do because it’s worked both ways for me,” he said. “It was love at first sight when I saw Rachel, but it wasn’t when I saw Penny. I was going through a bad situation. I’d just finished with Rachel so obviously I wasn’t ready to fall in love. But with Penny it was a wonderful, gradual love, which I think is the best way!”

Across the eight weeks of ‘2 Strangers and a Wedding’ the Jack and Glide audiences will get to know the participants, who will be vetted by a panel of experts including psychologists and counsellors. With their help, the radio stations will choose a suitable bride. Then the panel, the audience, and the bride’s family and friends will help her choose her perfect match, who will remain masked until they meet on their wedding day.

106 JACKfm and glide FM 107.9 Programme Director Sue Carter told”Everyone seems to have a view on 2 Strangers and a Wedding and let’s face it, Rod Stewart has been there, done that and worn a few T‐shirts!”

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