Stations re-licensed by Ofcom

Heart South Hams, Yorkshire Coast Radio Bridlington and Ridings FM have all had their licences extended for another seven years by Ofcom.

Choice FM in London's also had a 12-year extension to its licence granted in the latest round of renewals by the broadcast regulator.

Ofcom also says it has only received one declaration of interest in the licences currently held by Lincs FM (Lincoln), Bridge FM (Bridgend), Radio Wave (Blackpool), Newbury Sound (Newbury) and KLFM (King's Lynn) so is offering each station the chance to also be extended for seven years under the fast-track scheme.

Today Ofcom also started the renewal or re-advertisement process for stations whose licences currently run to the middle of next year. Parties who want to apply for the local radio licences for York, Burnley, Sailsbury or Kintyre, Islay and Jura have until the end of March to declare an interest. If the only bidders are Minster FM, 2BR, Spire FM and Argyll FM respectively then they'll also be offered the chance to fast-track their licence renewal.

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