Passion for Planet leaves DAB

Digital radio station Passion for the Planet has announced it is to stop broadcasting on the five local DAB multiplexes its currently on and focus its efforts online instead.

The station has been on DAB for almost nine years – but left the London multiplex last summer, blaming poor signal and squabbling within the industry about the platform.

The company behind it has told Radio Today they will continue to stream online when the DAB broadcasts cease tomorrow and also promote its growing on-demand audio content.

Launching on DAB in London in September 2002, Passion for the Planet expanded to currently serve the Bristol/Bath, Devon, Essex and Peterborough areas. It [link=]announced last year[/link] that it was coming off the London III multiplex.

Managing Director Chantal Cook told us: "Our aim has always been to inspire people to live a greener, healthier more ethical life. The great news is, that in the 8+ years since we launched people’s behaviour has changed a lot and awareness of environmental issues has exploded. So its time for us to look at ways to reach more people in the most cost effective way possible."

She added: "Unfortunately DAB is going nowhere fast and it makes no sense to continue to invest in a medium that is not bringing in the audience. Despite the opportunities that DAB offers Ofcom has not had the courage needed to help it succeed. With such a wish-washy lack of vision it’s no wonder consumers are confused. The good news however is that they are very clear about what the internet offers and online listening and on-demand downloads are increasing every week."

Programme Director Kenny Stevens added: "We have 100s of interviews available online as part of our on-demand service – and we are focusing our efforts there. This is a cost effective platform for our content. The radio station will continue to be available via our website, and we see Passion for the Planet's future lying with on-demand."

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