Radio’s April Fools highlights

Stations around the UK tried their best to fool listeners on Friday morning with April Fools jokes – here's our roundup of some of the jokes and japes.

Radio 2 pulled off one of the biggest and perhaps most impressive when comedian and impressionist Rob Brydon took to the air and did the whole of the mid-morning show in character as Ken Bruce.

Many listeners fell for it, despite Rob's constant one-liners, derogatory references to 'Mrs Bruce' and offers to answer "any question at all you want to ask me about my personal life." The highlight was Popmaster, where 'Ken' insulted contestants and kept interrupting questions to sing or tell jokes. The real Ken Bruce appeared at 10 to midday to help those who'd not got the fool to realise what was going on, but not before Rob had back announced a chat with Jeremy Vine as "boring". It's worth a listen back on iPlayer [link=]here[/link] (available until Thurs 7 April).

Here are a selection of the other pranks around the country that you got in touch via []email[/link], [link=]Facebook[/link] and [link=]Twitter[/link] to tell us about…

[b]Sun FM[/b] tried to convince their audience that the Angel of the North was being turned around to face Newcastle.

The Sports Breakfast team on [b]talkSPORT[/b] reported that fishing had been accepted as an Olympic sport in time for 2012.

[b]Radio 4[/b]'s Today Programme brought us a [link=]report[/link] on the new technologies being used for '3D radio' with presenter John Humphreys claiming the sound provided listeners with a much clearer sound.

[b]Real Radio Scotland[/b]'s Ewan and Cat had celebrity interior designing duo Colin and Justin on the breakfast show and they ‘came-out’ as straight The famous 'I’m A Celebrity' pair called in to speak to Ewen and Cat and told them they had claimed they were gay to further their careers. Listeners responded in their thousands in shock at the revelation. Some disgusted with the boys for ‘lying’ to everyone and some ladies very happy the boys were on the market! During the call, Justin said: "I’ve been with the same girl for nine years. She’s in a soap opera. I’m one of the most heterosexual men you’ll ever find!"

[b]Signal 1[/b] convinced the listeners of Staffordshire that by EU new regulation the Staffordshire Oakcake is being renamed the Staffordshire Pan – oatcake. We're told there was outrage.

Orion's [b]Gem 106[/b] apparently said that Facebook was closing down.

[b]Capital FM South Coast[/b] had a phone call from Plan B (Zoe is a big fan) offering a free flight to Monaco to watch him film his new music video. But when Zoe got to Southampton Airport, he rang to say she'd got in the wrong taxi and should be at Bournemouth Airport!

Community station [b]Chorley FM[/b] reported that a new Toll booth was coming to Chorley for routes in and out of the town. Apparently there was a strong reaction from locals the station talked to in town.

[b]Hallam FM[/b] said that Sheffield United's ground Bramall Lane would be flooded so that US ice hockey teams could use it – [b]Radio Aire[/b] said that Leeds Rhinos rugby team would do the same with their ground.

[b]Jack FM Hertfordshire[/b] were reporting that miles and miles of the A1M through the Hatfield roadworks would have to be dug up again – because of big problems with the new surfacing. Due to a manufacturing error, they said, the road surface had failed to set properly and was verging on a gloopy consistently. They also claimed if air temperatures rose above 20 degrees, the asphalt would start to bubble and turn molton – and said that engineers confirmed speed bumps would have to be laid in the Hatfield Tunnel to keep traffic down to 20 mph.

[b]BRO Radio[/b] in Barry, South Wales told listeners that the station was going off air at midday. They gave a sob story about a mistake made on air being the reason – and after a 20 second silence in the run up to the midday news, revealed that it was an April Fool joke.

At [b]HFM[/b] in Market Harborough, they told listeners a meerkat sanctuary was being built. It followed a real-life event last month when the town was renamed Meerkat Harborough for a day as part of a promotion for Compare The Market.

Coventry's [b]96.2 Touch FM[/b] ran a story about NASA wanting to use local man Stuart Kettle's massive fund raising hamster wheel to train astronauts.

Community station [b]North Manchester FM[/b] spoke to a painter who claims to use tartan paint for his portraits.

[b]Tay FM[/b]'s breakfast show with Stuart Webster fooled radio station staff and even the police and council into believing a made up April Fools game called 'Beep My Ride'. They got a motorist to pretend he was stuck at traffic lights and then urged him to not move when the lights turned green – with prizes getting better the more angry beeps he got from drivers around him. Even the sales director believed it and phoned up the boss to complain as other listeners rang in to say they were stuck in the queue. The feature was 'sponsored' by 'Pal for Soil' – an anagram of 'April Fool'.

And we managed to fool one or two of you with [link=]our fictitious story[/link] about the launch of BBC Radio 3 Extra, complete with a 'Beyond the Baton' feature to hear conductors' commentaries.

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