Attempt to break Moyles record

A community radio station is attempting to break the world record recently given to Chris Moyles and his team for the longest radio programme by a team.

Presenters BIll Horncastle and Dave Henderson will start a 53-hour radio show from 10am, Friday 27th May until Sunday afternoon on Vixen 101 in East Yorkshire.

Bill and Dave decided on the challenge to raise awareness, both locally and nationally, of community radio in general and Vixen 101 in particular. They also want to demonstrate to the public that great radio does not have to come from the large corporations and commercial stations. Industry figures show that the community radio sector is the fastest-growing media in the country.

Bill says: “It might seem like a moment of madness but once I thought of the idea, I decided to go for it. I did the research and after some form-filling, the Guinness World Records emailed me back to wish me luck on the forthcoming attempt. As most of Vixen 101’s live programmes are broadcast at the weekends, they will be incorporated into the marathon but we will both be here, on air, for 53 hours non-stop.”

Dave Henderson says: “I am looking forward to the challenge, but especially the end! Coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon will keep me going!”

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2011 at 11:24 am by RadioToday UK

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