Comeback rumour for Wossy

Jonathan Ross is planning a return to radio, according to a newspaper report over the weekend.

The News of the World "revealed" the former BBC Radio 2 presenter could be going up against Graham Norton on Saturday mornings on a commercial station such as Heart or Absolute.

A source [link=]told the paper[/link]: "Jonathan made a very big deal about leaving the BBC as positively as possible.

"But he thinks commercial radio will be the best place for him. It gives him freedom and he'll be able to make the sort of money Radio 2 would never have been able to pay him in this climate."

An industry expert told "A national station such as Smooth or Absolute would be the ideal place – but can commercial radio afford him?"

A friend of Wossy said: "This isn't about the money for Jonathan, he's missed the airwaves. Radio's something he loves to do. But a lot of the joy in it was taken away by the BBC in the end."

His new Saturday Night television show on ITV1 starts in September.

Posted on Sunday, May 15th, 2011 at 4:01 pm by RadioToday UK

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