Men’s hour returns to 5 Live

A new series of a show that proclaims itself 'unafraid to rugby tackle the issues that matter' returns to 5 Live this weekend hosted by Tim Samuels and Jon Holmes.

Billed as the 'cheeky younger brother' of Radio 4's Women's Hour, the second series is produced by radio indie Tonic Productions.

The BBC says the show – airing Sunday evenings at 9pm – offers "a man’s perspective on life’s crucial issues such as health, emotional well-being, relationships, life on the front line, and surviving prison."

On the opening episode of the new series this week we're promised a new 5 Live Blokey Book Club with David Baddiel, ex SAS officer Andy McNab fielding the unspoken questions about this week's capture of Osama Bin Laden ("What happens when you shoot a man to the head?" and 'Can you shoot through a human shield?") and a feature called '60 Second Hypochondria' with Radio 1's resident doctor Dr Mark Hamilton.

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