NRS Media: Nurturing premium advertisers

Do you differentiate premium advertisers in your strategy? Do you think you maximise your share of their advertising spend?

These are just two of the questions NRS Media poses to media companies, and the answers are wide ranging.

All markets generally have a group of sophisticated advertisers that require premium advertising solutions and strategies tailored to their needs. NRS Media discovered that for many media companies there were significant untapped revenue opportunities from attracting and nurturing these premium advertisers – an area they believe merits closer attention.

In response to this they have developed new solutions and tools in collaboration with their media partners. The company researched advertiser preferences and attitudes around the globe. Based on this, they have developed prospect screening and presentation writer software and tools to tailor this process for premium advertisers, alongside a new one-on-one sales approach.

The results have been incredible, despite the recent weak economic climate.

Underlying their success is the focus on conducting research into media markets around the globe – and this cumulative knowledge is fed back through the business.

One of the most interesting aspects of the business model is the focus on training. All field staff undergo training on a regular basis, and they, in turn have trained more than 30,000 media sales professionals globally since the business began.

To continue building on their success, NRS Media has recently appointed Rod Power to the role of Managing Director – Europe.

Rod has worked with NRS Media for many years including roles as COO and Head of Organisational Development. Rod is renowned in the areas of Leadership Training and Human Resources Development. Before joining NRS Media, Rod consulted to various media organisations in the areas of Human Development and Sales Strategy. As an executive coach, facilitator and keynote speaker he has helped people and organisations regularly over-achieve their company targets.

“Forming lasting partnerships with media companies is the cornerstone of our business. And one of our recent key areas of focus is helping our partners build stronger relationships with premium advertisers – giving them a greater share of revenue from their market’s top advertisers. We see significant untapped revenue opportunities for our media partners and I’m excited to be driving our European jurisdiction.”

NRS Media has been working with media companies in Europe for many years. The business has had great success in many markets including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Bulgaria.

As a global leader in direct media sales strategy, NRS Media has designed and executed professionally structured revenue generating solutions for almost 20 years in over 30 different countries.

NRS Media is expert in identifying and executing sales training and revenue generation opportunities that help media businesses succeed, even in the toughest economic climate.

NRS Media has generated over €500 million globally for its media partners. In the past year alone NRS Media Europe delivered more than €43 million in incremental revenue for its clients.

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