BBC Radio 1 returns to SiriusXM.. almost

After suddenly disappearing from the satellite radio platform SiriusXM earlier this month, BBC Radio 1 is returning to the USA.

But only at selected times throughout the year for special events. At all other times, the station will be available online only.

The subscription service will offer BBC Radio 1 time-shifted five hours forward as before, but now Americans will only be able to receive the full station output online – something which comes at extra cost to a standard subscription.

Although many of the disgruntled fans on the “Save Radio 1 in North America” Facebook page have pointed out, listening to Radio 1 online is already free of charge with the correct setup. The group cliams hundreds have cancelled their subscription as a result.

In a press release from the group owner, they say: “Sirius XM failed to note that BBC Radio 1 is already available for free online (without the $2.99 surcharge Sirius XM requires to gain access to their online programming) in North America via the BBC iPlayer and podcasts, as well as smartphone apps such as TuneIn Radio.

“Therefore, we, the members of Facebook page “Get BBC Radio 1 Back on Sirius XM,” will not be renewing our canceled subscriptions to listen to BBC Radio 1 online.”

The BBC is happy with the deal though: “BBC Radio 1 has built a loyal and passionate following across North America. We’re delighted that we are able to continue and extend our relationship with SiriusXM, to bring BBC Radio 1 and our catalogue of classic BBC concerts to the North American audience,” said Salim Mukaddam, Head of Radio, BBC Worldwide.

“We are happy to continue our valuable relationship with the BBC and thrilled to now be able to give our listeners access to BBC Radio 1 programming on our expanding internet platform as well as deliver special concert performances to a variety of our satellite radio channels. The additional programming ranges from legendary music icons to today’s rising stars whose exclusive performances for the BBC are featured regularly,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM.

The station will be available from 5pm ET on Friday 19th August 201 via SiriusXM Internet Radio.

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 at 11:07 pm by RadioToday UK

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